Fun Group Ride To Alpaca and Lunch

Fun Group Ride To Alpaca and Lunch

Yesterday I led another group ride, pinch-hitting for our usual leader who will be back next week. I did our group ride that rambles through San Martin then heads up the Coyote Creek Trail to Metcalf park, then goes to the Coyote Creek golf course for lunch. But I threw in a little dog-leg so the route took us past a small farm that has alpacas and llamas. Then we took a detour up over Malech road, which has a steep but not too long climb, leading to nice views before it drops back down to rejoin the trail.

I took my non-electric upright because I wanted the challenge of keeping up with this group. It turned out only four of the faster members came for the ride, so it made for a brisk (but enjoyable) pace for me.

This little guy ran excitedly to the fence making little noises.
“Organic lawn mowers” at work. Two of the boys were head-butting, trying to establish alpha-goat-hood, I suspect, but I didn’t get my camera out fast enough to catch them
The air was nice and clean giving a good panorama of the Santa Cruz Mountains

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