Easy Country Ride

Easy Country Ride

On Sunday I went for a harder two and a half hour ride with intervals thrown in. There’s a case to be made that I overdid it because my legs were a bit sore yesterday. So after my upper body strength workout and some walking with hand weights, I went for an easy ride.

My upper body workout is pretty simple these days (twice a week). First I warmup up with arm cycling on my recumbent bike, described here. Then I set the resistance to the highest level and do some strength work with arm cycling. Then I do Tabata-style arm cycling sprints. Then it’s off to the garage to do training with resistance bands, one set each of horizontal push (chest press), horizontal pull (row), vertical press (shoulder press), and vertical pull (pulldowns). I finish with some walking with hand weights for a cooldown. This all takes less than 30 minutes. I also do abdominal work later in the day.

After the upper body work, I thoroughly enjoyed the easy ride of about 90 minutes out in the Coyote Valley northwest of Morgan Hill. My legs felt great after they warmed up. It was a beautiful early fall day in the 50s

Looking West towards Loma Prieta from a field near Sobrato high school
About to turn onto Santa Teresa Blvd. The fog is breaking up over Mt. Umunhum to the West

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