Rosendin Point and Coyote Creek

Rosendin Point and Coyote Creek

There is a nice park that gives access to Rosendin Point above Anderson Dam. It is easy to get to from the dam but that is blocked for the foreseeable future because of the seismic retrofit project at the dam. However, there is still a backway through Holiday Lake Estates at the top of East Dunne Ave. So a couple of days ago I took my e-bike up there. It was interesting to see that Lake Anderson is almost empty from all the rain we got over the winter and spring. There was a pond in the park that is not there in normal years, however, due to the leftover rainwater.

On the Trail Up To Rosendin Point. The arrow points to the empty Lake Anderson
The Bonus Pond in the Park

I was curious if Lake Anderson being empty meant the level of Coyote Creek finally went down, which would mean the fords of the Coyote Creek trail would hopefully no longer be flooded. So I checked that out yesterday, and indeed for the first time in months, you can ride the length of Coyote Creek Trail all the way to Hellyer Park with no detours. We’ll be taking advantage of that next Tuesday on my group ride.

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