The Green Hills Are Turning…

The Green Hills Are Turning…

Around this time of year, our green hills turn golden. It happens sometime in May about a month after the last rain. It doesn’t seem to matter whether we’ve had a dry rainy season or a wet one like this year. It’s still pretty during the transition which takes a couple of weeks. After that, we know we’re in summer mode.

The East foothills from Peet Road

I took the picture of the local hills during a pleasant local ride of two and a half hours. After a warmup, I tried a KOM attempt on the Strava segment “FULL LOOP- Digital Drive Criterium“. I tied my previous best time of 1:39, I’ll have to push a little harder next time to beat that. The ride is shown in the youtube video below. With the action camera mounted on my handlebars, videos of recumbent rides are amusing because you can see the shoes bobbing up and down in front.

Digital Drive Kom Attempt

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