Phoenix in the Spring

Phoenix in the Spring

I just got back from visiting my brother Bill in Phoenix. It can get hot there by April, but I was lucky. It was nice and cool each morning, and only got warmer in the afternoons (80s most days, low 90s a couple of days). We went for hikes in the beautiful South Mountain Park right next to Bill’s house. I only took one day off, deciding to give my calf muscles a rest because they got sore. I hadn’t been doing as much walking or hiking at home recently due to my SI joint problem, and I guess biking by itself wasn’t enough to keep my calves in shape. The hikes turned out to be a great test for me, we went more than 90 minutes each day. Quite an improvement over not being able to walk more than 5 minutes a few weeks ago!

Aside from our local hikes and outings (Phoenix has a lot more restaurant choices than does the vicinity of Morgan Hill), we did one adventure to the Phoenix art museum and another to the small town of Carefree next to Scottsdale. All in all a great trip and great to see Bill and my nephew Tommy. It hadn’t been down there since before Covid, and resolve not to let that much time pass before my next visit.

This “Fireflies Infinity Mirror Room” was one of my favorites at the art museum ( You get the feeling you are floating in space.
Hanging out with Tommy
A Ramada in South Mountain Park. There is a parking lot here that is that jumping-off point for hikers and mountain bikers. This is about a mile from Bill’s house.
A park in downtown Carefree. Bill is headed towards a street fair they have there on Fridays. More of the Street Fair in Carefree. I didn’t do Carefree and its environs justice with my picture taking. It is a nice little town with beautiful scenery nearby

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