First Harder Ride Since Injections

First Harder Ride Since Injections

It has been a week since my injections, so I did a 64-minute ride on my recumbent and threw in some harder riding, including an attempt on a Strava segment, shown in blue on the overall map of my ride below. The segment is “around the Paradise block”, flat and just over 2 km long. The fastest (and only) time for this ride in the 70-74 age group was 8 minutes 23 seconds and I did it in 4:28. More encouraging was that there are several times posted for the 55-64 age group and my time would put me in 2nd place for that group. I’m enjoying these shorter challenges. They don’t take too much out of me, and training for them encourages me to do a couple of reasonable interval sessions per week. Aside from that most of my riding is longer but at a more comfortable and relaxing pace.

Google street view at the start. The route just loops in a circle on this La Crosse drive. It is called “around the Paradise block” because it goes past the Paradise valley elementary school.

After the Strava attempt, I did some intervals on the way home. I felt great and there was no problem with my SI joint afterward.

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