Life Lessons After 50

Life Lessons After 50

Life Lessons After 50

There are a few things I know for sure now…and yep…it took me to get to the OTHER side of 50 (51 here) to truly “get” them. Now that I know them, I want to share them with you in hopes they might help you!

❤️ We never know what someone else is going through or walking through. So before judging, snapping at, attacking, or being mad at them know they may be navigating something very consuming.

❤️ Looks as we knew them fade and we age: that’s unavoidable. It’s ok to try to ‘fix’, repair, prevent, reverse etc… but ultimately we WILL AGE. So make sure you put your value in a lot more than just appearances.

❤️ Friends and family matter more than accomplishments and a to-do list. I’m sorry to any friend or family member that I ever said I was “too busy” to make time for. The truth of the matter was, I just took time and what truly matters for granted. Having dinner with my brother the other night reminded me of this in a major way. P.S. I live across the county from my family. Make amends or say yes to plans NOW, as one day it will be “too late” and we are really not “too busy”.

❤️ I’ve lived an expansive life and I realize so much of my growth and happy memories are from those expansive experiences! I am planning a big fat YES to more expansion immediately — why not?

❤️ Find yourself a spouse that FULLY LOVES you and is committed to your marriage. Do not settle for less. It’s far better to be alone than to be in a loveless marriage.

❤️ Material things don’t matter. I’ve wasted more money on those “things” than I can count over the years. I now want money for the comfort, convenience, and ability to help and make a difference…not for ridiculously expensive possessions that truly hold no real “value” outside of the label and price tag.

❤️ We can’t control ANYTHING. We can certainly try and do all the things we think we are supposed to do! But, ultimately WE are not in charge. God is.

❤️ Faith is everything. Why did it take me so long to get that?

❤️ Laughter is essential. I will continue to poke fun at myself, aging, hot flashes, being GenX, and more because we need to LAUGH MORE!

❤️ We do not know everything. Not now and not ever. I no longer think YOU or anyone is “wrong” about anything. We all just have different models of the world and what “is”.

❤️ Those are my random thoughts ❤️


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