My Typical Training These Days

My Typical Training These Days

I’ve been discussing performance-related activities lately, like seeing my times on local routes vs. the “Strava Leaderboard” for my 70-74 age group. But most of my training, probably about 90%, is at a comfortable pace, while only the remaining 10% is higher intensity. This is a typical training week for me lately:

“UH” means upper body, hard day, “LH” means lower body, hard day, and E means easy recovery day. “S-” is a short session while “L-” is a longer session. Because of my SI joint injury that I’m still rehabbing, all easy days and all “lower body days” are bike rides. In the future, I’d like to throw some hiking into the mix. Upper body is a warmup on my arm-cycling setup, followed by several stations (chest press, row, shoulder press, pulldown) of both isometric exercise and single-set strength training, and finishing with a cooldown walk with hand weights. Lower-body hard days have longer intervals, shorter intervals, and some on-bike strength training, with the remainder being a brisk but easy steady pace. Lately, the short rides have been around 60 minutes, while the longer rides vary from 90 minutes to as much as four hours.

I have signed up for the “I Care Classic” Century in Morgan Hill on May 13, a charity ride for the Lions club. The last century I did took 6 hours 47 minutes, so I need to ramp up my longest ride of the week gradually to prepare. Also, the route has some hills in it so I need to do some more hill climbing practice with my recumbent over the next few weeks.

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