Flooding in Morgan Hill

Flooding in Morgan Hill

We continue to get a lot of rain due to an “atmospheric river” in which storms are lined up in the Pacific Ocean, waiting for their turn to reach us. This is supposed to last another 10 days. According to my rain gauge, we’ve gotten about 16 inches of rain this season, so we’re closing in on our expected yearly average of 21 inches. This is great for ending our drought, but it is happening in a short time period so is causing flooding. We can’t complain too much because other parts of the country have had much worse flooding in the recent past.

Yesterday was especially rainy so I got my exercise on my indoor bike.

I took this picture on my bike ride on the bridge in Anderson Dam county park a couple of days ago. This is Coyote creek near the outflow from Anderson Dam, normally a pretty placid stream.
https://morganhilllife.com/2022/12/09/breaking-news-big-weekend-storm/ This is yesterday after a lot more rain on the West side of town. Little Llagas Creek should normally be not much more than a trickle. Residents West of Monterey road were advised to avoid driving if possible because a lot of streets were also flooded

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