Enjoying The Sunshine

Enjoying The Sunshine

I went for my first sunny ride of the new year yesterday. It was a pleasantly cool hour-long ride on my recumbent. We have a lot more rain coming, so I have to take advantage of the sun while I can. I have been working out in my indoor gym or using my exercise bike on days with heavy rain. In light rain, I still go outside with my rain gear and my utility bike which has fenders.

All the rainfall has made it nice and green around here.

Sciatica Follow-up

I saw my Doc about the pain down my right leg late last week, and from a combination of poking, prodding, and seeing what movements cause pain, she came up with a preliminary diagnosis that this is a problem in the sacroiliac (“SI”) joint. This can cause pain radiating down the leg similar to sciatica. She’s sending me for x-rays and an MRI tomorrow for further evaluation and to rule out other possibilities like spinal issues. She does not think it is piriformis syndrome this time, which I had in the past. That explains why doing all the PT exercises I learned previously has not helped much. She has also referred me for PT on the current issue, which will start on the 10th. In the meantime, I am doing exercises I’ve learned on the web for SI dysfunction and using heat and cold. This seems to be helping some so I’m hopeful that professional PT will help even more. Fortunately, biking is good for the SI joint as long as I don’t overdo it, so I can remain active while this is rehabbing.

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