Strength Training and Weight Loss

Strength Training and Weight Loss

Clarence Bass covered the results of a meta-analysis of many studies on the benefits of strength training for weight loss in his column this month [1]. Not surprisingly, it helps. In my opinion, far and away the most significant effect is that it preserves or even adds to your lean muscle mass while losing weight. From the study: “lean mass was maintained following interventions involving resistance training and caloric restriction” and “results were consistently observed across age and sex groups”. This is crucial for preventing the “yo-yo” effect of losing weight but also losing muscle mass, which can slow your metabolism and set you up for weight regain.

And if you follow the link to the figure above, the article describes how resistance training slows aging. A pretty good return for your effort investment. By the way, I also try to maintain that same kind of serene look on my face while doing planks, although I may not feel quite so peaceful inside at the time!


  1. Lopez, P, et al, “Resistance Training Effectiveness On Body Composition And Body Weight Outcomes In Individuals With Overweight And Obesity Across The Lifespan: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis”, Obesity Reviews, 2022. (available online here).

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