How old is “too old?”

How old is “too old?”

How old is “too old?”

Remember when we thought 50 was “old?”

Like when we were just spring chickens at 20 and it seemed SO FAR AWAY? If you still think that it’s OLD or too late here is what I want you to know…


I’m just getting STARTED at age 50 You see…

At age 32, I moved across county not knowing anyone.

It is true! I had this HUGE desire to live on the WEST coast (I was living in Washington, DC at the time. I had just had a breakup and had this thought: “Maybe I should take this time to plant myself in the life that I want and then build from there” That thought alone prompted me to sell my condo, and move to San Diego. I have never looked back!

At age 35, I had my daughter, which was considered “later” for most.

Yup. That seems SO young right now (as I type this at age 50) lol, BUT for “maternity” that is considered older. I have NO REGRETS about that! My daughter turned out just fabulous and has been one of the biggest blessings of my life!

At age 36, I was 60lbs heavier and financially a disaster and in a crazy amount of debt.

Don’t believe me… see the picture above haha! And yes- so much was going “wrong” in my life. A divorce, becoming a newly single mom, losing my house, the economy collapsing and major depression. But as the cliche goes, ROCK BOTTOM IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO REBUILD! And Rebuild I did… My whole life changed from the “rock bottom” that I now consider one of my biggest blessings in life!

At age 39, I “fitness modeled”, which was considered “too old” for most.

Another “unexpected” goal. As I found the love of fitness and nutrition and shared my journey, I set a goal for myself to “fitness model” at age 39. Truth be told, some of my friends laughed at that goal when I shared it. I put my people pleasing side away and WENT FOR IT ANYWAY becoming not only a fitness model, but gracing the cover of 13 magazines in my fourties!

At age 40, I just started my own business.

As I transformed and people followed my journey, 7 Day jump start was born. 
It not only helped SO MANY PEOPLE lose the weight, the bloat and get their confidence back, but it TOOK OFF. It changed the lives of others but also launched the birth of 


At age 44, I had my first book published.

7 Day Jump Start became a BEST SELLING BOOK in stores! And two years after that, Aging in Reverse became my second best selling book. I was in my mid fourties!

At age 46, I landed the most significant mag covers and brand deals.

YES at age 46, the most recent age 48. My goal Is to do one more in my fifties!

At age 47, I launched my podcast.

And… it quickly became a top performing one in the personal development space! Today there are over 250 motivational interviews of how others went from rock bottom spots to MASSIVE SUCCESS in their lives!

At age 48, I had three MAJOR injuries that changed my perspective on PAIN.

Unbelievable maybe.. But TRUE!
First the DISC RUPTURE between L5 S1

It was quite the two years for injuries but I learned SO MUCH about how to break the pain cycle!

At age 49, I launched my Sales Coaching Business.

And that took off beyond my wildest imagination. It has brought be back to my CORE strengths and gifts teaching Sales.  

I am just NOW 50 TRULY super clear on my vision, passion and true calling.

I cannot wait to share with you some of what will be unfolding in my 50’s!

Don’t compare others highlight reels to you. You never know their whole journey and “comparison is the thief of joy.” You are not too old and it is NOT too late. By changing your thoughts and actions you can become an entirely new version of yourself. Whatever you are feeling right now know that you TOO can be “just getting started”. Your age, your past, and your current situations do not define you. I get YOU and know that you are just getting started too.

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