Spent Some Time in a High “NatureScore” Setting

Spent Some Time in a High “NatureScore” Setting

As I mentioned in my recent post about “NatureScore“, I am motivated to spend more time in more natural settings, which for me means more hiking. So yesterday I rode my bike to Harvey Bear County Park and did the Willow Springs trail, one of my favorites. It was foggy and quite cool, the fog didn’t burn off till a couple of hours after I got home. But it was still enjoyable, it was great to be out hiking again.

Unexpected Bonus- A Tarantula next to the trail. I was surprised because it was pretty cool out, I thought they were only active in the heat.

I was glad a couple of hikers I passed on my way down warned me about the Tarantula next to the side of the trail. I wouldn’t have wanted to accidentally step on it. It was just ambling along, it was crossing the trail when they passed it.

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