Three Hours Cycling At an Easy Pace

Three Hours Cycling At an Easy Pace

According to my schedule, Thursday should have been a long easy day, and yesterday a short one. But as I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to take it easy on Thursday due to a minor reaction to my second Covid19 vaccine dose. So I switched the two days. I find it important to be flexible like this.

So today was a long easy ride. I’m still working on improving my stamina standing while pedaling, because I enjoy it. Also it works similar muscles to hiking. I’m trying to avoid hiking downhill for now while my piriformis injury is slowly recovering, but I want my muscles to be ready for it when I get back to it. Both my HRV apps warned yellow day (“I’m not fully recovered, proceed with caution”) but I felt great.

Max HR 140 Average 113, perfect for me for easy ride.

This was an out and back on the Coyote Creek Trail. Some nice scenery on the way back:

New Development going in below Anderson. The depression in the foreground is for flood control, they will turn it into a nice park when the development is finished.
A little to the right, this is the neighborhood along Barnard road. Nice homes with a great view, and the road is a nice climbing challenge, either on a bike or walking

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