Doctors Said This Would Not Happen

Doctors Said This Would Not Happen

Doctors Said This Would Not Happen

Doctors Said This Would Not Happen…

Natalie Jill Doctors Said This Would Not Happen

I was told I would never do my rings again…. GLAD I DID NOT LISTEN! I’m back! False assumed truths are real…

DO NOT LISTEN. Determination is everything

If you’ve known me more than a few years, you know that rings were my JAM! I was always posting ring work.

Last year I had a lot of accidents. Distal bicep tear, ruptured disc, broken foot. 2 surgeries, and then lots of “you are too old accept it” and I say talk to the hand.

Excuses only stop is if we let them!

DANG I missed my rings! And to every single doctor they told me to ACCEPT IT I’m aging and injured… nope- never … I’m back!

Thank you to those in alternative medicine and training who welcomed my determination and alternative ways… we are never too old and it’s not too late… I am back. It may not be as smooth and fancy as years ago… but I am just getting started!

What worked to make this possible?

  1. Focussing on the VISION not the current circumstances
  2. Eating anti-inflammatory nourishing and healing foods
  3. Doing what I could with what I could from where I was
  4. Focussing on the work arounds and the solutions not the problem
  5. The supplements I used! Especially Collagen!


Natalie Jill


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